“You Deserve Better” is our motto and we want to provide beauty products that have high performance, unique features and beautiful appearance with user friendly prices.  Priscilla Beauty Product Line was formed in 2015 by the parent company of DRACO DESIGN Inc.  The core business of DRACO DESIGN Inc. focuses on premium accessories for consumer electronic products.  Over the years, the products of DRACO DESIGN Inc. have won various international industrial design awards such as Reddot design award, iF design award, and more.


Today there are various types of beauty products in the market already but they are mainly categorized into 2 types, the price competition type and the premium brand type.  In most cases, it seems a consumer can only choose either products that are low in retail price with poor performance and ordinary in appearance or products that have better performance and appearance but paying for excess price due to the brand image.


We believe users deserve better and we know we can design and create better products.  Thus, the concept of Priscilla is formed and it is aiming to explore this market niche of great beauty products with user friendly prices.